The last of our cover crop planting is done!


As the picture shows, the four primary treatments for the cover crop plots are looking great, an inch of rain with warm temps has really helped. Today, November 4th, the last cover crop plot was planted, our “Late Cereal Rye” plot.

A planting date around November 1st is outside of the conventional wisdom for planting the majority of crops & vegetation used for cover crops, but Cereal Rye often demonstrates an uncanny ability to germinate under cold conditions and emerge in the early spring after late fall plantings.

Even with little or no vegetation over the winter season, late planted rye can establish root mass to enable it take off in the spring. While we may not have the winter cover protection we’d like to see, the root development can provide many benefits for soil health and fertility.

And sometimes, you need to do things outside the “conventional wisdom” just because that’s the way it ends up in the real world. It will be interesting to watch this particular plot.