Fall, 2016 Cover Crops Planted

The cover crop strips were planted on October 18 this year. We planted four different “treatments.” These are:

  • Cereal Rye, seeded at a rate of 50 pounds per acre
  • A mix of Barley, Rape, and Vetch. Barley @ 33lb/ac, Rape @ 2.66 lb/ac, Vetch @ 10 lb/ac
  • Annual Ryegrass, Vetch, Crimson Clover, and Rape. Annual Rye @ 10 lb/ac, Vetch @ 5.3 lb/ac, Clover @ 5.3 lb/ac, Rape @ 3.33 lb/ac
  • Oats and Oilseed Radish. Oats @ 30 lb/ac, radish @ 3.33 lb/ac

Everything was planted using a drill. Strips are 40 feet wide and each cover crop mix was planted into two strips. We also have a no-till check strip. The image shows the layout.

Plot layout
Plot layout for cover crops planted in fall, 2016.

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