The Ten Acres – Data

This really isn’t data but will provide an idea of what sort of information may be included on this page. We won’t be harvesting our first crop until fall, 2015 and planting the first strips after this.

As a matter of policy, while we appreciate our sponsors we will not be identifying corn and soybean hybrids or which companies we received cover crop seed from. As there will be some experimenting with newer technologies in this plot we expect there will be some performance irregularities which may not be indicative of the quality of seed or hybrids.

2015 Crop History
Crop: Corn
Planting Date: May 14, 2015
Relative Maturity: 93 Days
GDD’s to Black Layer (Physiological Maturity): 2325
Date: September 14, 2015
Yield: 150 bu/ac
Moisture: 22%
We used a shorter season variety this year as we believe it is important our first year to have successful cover crop establishment. In future years, while we won’t use the longest-season hybrids, they will be more in the normal range for Central Indiana. One issue we have is that as we are putting in cover crop strips, aerial seeding will not be an option.

435 lb/ac urea 46-0-0 Pre-plant broadcast surface applied and incorporated
300 lb/ac Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP) 11-52-0 Pre-plant broadcast surface applied and incorporated
300 lb/ac Potash 0-0-60 Pre-plant broadcast surface applied and incorporated

Total Fertilizer Applied
N – 233.1 lb/ac
P2O5 – 156 lb/ac
K20 – 180/ac

Chemicals Applied
glyphosate – 1.5 lb/ac active ingredient early post-emergence

Single pass field cultivator – We anticipate using no-till on this plot however the field had ruts in it from a late harvest.

We believe the two sampling sites with high pH may reflect areas near the County Highway Garage and runoff from aggregates. I will post a grid map once one becomes available.


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